About Smågö

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Who lives on Smågö

Today two families live on Smågö: the Kempes and the Hultbergs. Our family (Hultberg) consist of Paul, Anita and our children Sebastian and Emelie. Paul has his roots on Smågö and we moved here toghether in 1989.

Smågö Service AB är ett företag vi har drivit en tid. Tack vare vår fraktfärja "Ambjörn" har företaget blivit våran huvudsakliga sysselsättning. Men förutom frakt så utför vi även brygg- och muddringsjobb och har även skogen och jordbruket som bisyssla. Det finns också planer på att hyra ut ett nybyggt hus (se uthyrning) som dock inte är riktigt klart än.

The island

Smågö is an island in Tjust Archipelago located between Björkö and Hasselö. The southern half of the island is dominated by meadows and deciduous forest while the northern part is covered by coniferous forest. We keep cows which keep the landscape open on the island.

Although fishing always is important in the archipelago historically the main occupation of the inhabitants of Smågö has been farming. During the 1900s Smågö has steadily depopulated like most of the archipelago. Smågö is however still  inhabited throughout the year.

Read more about the island (in Swedish): www.kalmarlansmuseum.se/1/