Smågö Service AB

Smågö Service is our family business and our main occuipation. "Palle Pråm" (pråm means barge) is a common expression in the arcipelago when adressing Paul and his red cargo ferry Ambjörn. In addition to shipping we will also perform wharf- and dredging jobs.

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Our most important tool in our work is the barge Ambjörn. When she was built on the shipyard in Ekenäs in 1978 she was 10 meters long and 4 meters wide. Since then a lot has happened: she has gone through two renovations, one in the early eighties and one in 1993.

Today Ambjörn is 14 meters long and 5.6 meters wide. She can load up to 40 tons. We carry a wide variety of things, for example tractors and other heavy machinery, building material, timber, gravel, concrete and animals.

Ambjörn is equiped with a crane and outrigger which makes her suitable for dredging and construction of wharfs.

With full cargo she has a draft of 1.0 meter and without load the draft is 0.5 meters.

Sue Ellen

We mainly use Sue Ellen for passenger transport. We will of course transport our guests on Smågö with Sue Ellen if need be.